Your First Visit

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Your initial appointment with Smile Dental is designed to be a time when you are free to ask as many questions and discuss as many options as you wish. Dr. Kumar is the only dentist we know of who will schedule an entire hour or more for an initial appointment just so our patients do not feel rushed or leave with questions they never had the chance to ask. Many patients also appreciate only having their films and exam done at the initial appointment. For many the dental chair is an intimidating place, and knowing that their first time in to a new dentist will not involve any invasive procedures helps them to feel much more at ease. At your initial appointment, Dr. Kumar will spend most of the time talking to you about your dental health, studying your films, and ask you what you want from your relationship with our office. He will discuss the pro’s and con’s all the options for every tooth. Whether you just want a comfortable place to visit twice a year and have your teeth cleaned, or your want an entirely new smile, we are all ready and willing to help you meet your goals and desires. At the end of the initial appointment, Dr. Kumar will use all you have discussed with him to generate a customized treatment plan, which will list what we can do for you, in priority order, and it will list the price of all your treatments including what we estimate the insurance company should provide. As a courtesy, we obtain your contracted estimated benefits that are between your insurance company and yourself by calling your insurance provider. This way you can schedule your cleaning, and all other necessary appointments, on a time frame that works best for you.

Cancellation Policy
We trust you will make an appointment at a time you know you will be able to make. If anything changes, please let us know as soon as possible and we will be happy to reschedule for you. We do have an office policy we hate to enforce, but sometimes find we need to. We request you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you must miss an appointment. If the cancellation is last minute, or if you miss the appointment with no notice at all, we do reserve the right to apply a $25 fee to your account. Please keep in mind your appointment is reserved just for you, and in failing to keep the appointment, we are unable to care for another patient in need of dental treatment.